Can You Sue a Hotel Chain for an assault that occurs on their property?

There different laws governing different states but one thing is sure, you can sue an hotel chain for an assault That occurs on their property. Although you can sue, that isn’t a surety that you would win the case as there are certain criteria the case you are providing must meet.

Safety by hotel management

According to Hennessy Dowd Lawyers in Bathurst There are laws which states that public and private establishments and properties must be able to provide safety and some level of protection and security for the individuals in their property at any given point in time. This automatically means that if you are in a property and you were battered by people whom you don’t know or whom you know, then you have a case.

Here are some of the expected features of any hotel pertaining security

1. Maintenance of adequate security

A hotel is a place for rest when away from home. If such hotel is not safe and anyone can come in and go out anyhow how can the occupants on the hotel rest. How can they be at peace. An hotel chain must make sure all the hotels in that chain must be well secure and safe enough that anybody inside must be free of worry and if by any means anyone gets assaulted, it must be their fault. These individuals hotels must have security guards who make sure everything is in order as pertaining to safety. It must also have security cameras so that they can monitor what goes on in the interior and exterior of the hotel thus making sure order is always attained.

2. Adequate fire safety

Each hotel chain must have adequate fire safety and must have an emergency exit which is easily accessible and can save the occupants of the hotel if need be. They must have equipments and materials to fight fire at any given time to avoid the loss of life and injuries by the occupants of the hotel. The materials to fight fire must also be easily accessible and easy to use. There must also be guidelines which would help individuals in the hotel on what to do in the case of a fire.

3. Accident prevention

If any accident occurs in the hotel and it is the fault of the hotel, then the hotel chain can be sued. If someone slips and fall due to a wet ground and there was no signal to tell that the ground was wet and there is an injury, an individual can sue and the hotel chains pay for the damages to this effects.

Suing a hotel chain for an assault that occurs on its property.

Yes this can be done but while in court you must be able to prove to the judge that the hotel negligence caused your assault and if by any means they had better security and they were more vigilant, then you would not be assaulted. It is the responsibility of a hotel to create security and comfort that would make you feel at home and even more and if this is not the case you can sue.