Can residential locksmiths assist in automated entry system issues?

Residential locksmiths

These are residential locksmiths you can consider calling or better still locksmiths you will call if by any means you locked yourself in the house or you locked yourself out any of which. This is the most common reason why people call residential locksmiths but this is not exclusively the job they do, they carry out a lot of lock picking functions too other than just doors.Locks are getting more and more complicated and requiring only the right key to open and some have even gone a step further to disorganized the internal part of the key if by any means any other key tries to open the lock. In the case of a misplaced key, simply just call a locksmith.

Automated entry systems

Automated entry systems are systems such as gates, doors, etc which require automatic control. They are used to provide topmost security and make sure the environment using these facilities are secured optimally. They require engineers with knowledge and experience to carry out the installations of these automated systems. Even tho it is automated, there are no assurance that one can’t get locked out or locked in even though using an automated door and this is very dangerous because many people do not usually know who to call when this happens. Instead of keys like look do have, automated doors do not have keys, or better still the keys requires to open these doors are not actual keys but some other form of materials like id cards or a remote control or buttons on the door. Many people have reportedly been locked in by an automated door and they wonder if they should call a locksmith or if there is someone else to call. When such occurs one should not consider calling a locksmith but consider calling the installer of the lock.

Can residential locksmiths assist in automated entry system issues?

No, they can’t! A locksmith as the name implies to deal with locks but not automated entry system. This is mainly because the entry systems do not have the same lock mechanism as a lock do and this means that the understanding of a locksmith will not be able to work if he tries to apply it on an automated lock system, as a matter of fact, the tools used by the locksmith will be useless as they will be inapplicable and can’t be used to solve the issues of the locked door.

Why automated entry systems fail

Power outage

This is usually one of the most popular reasons why automated doors fail. Most are powered by electricity and power outages can occur at any point and if this is the case any individual locked inside a placed which locks automatically would need to open such door with the help of an engineer, not a locksmith.

Dead batteries

Many doors also use battery to power their automation. Unfortunately batteries never unlimited life so if by any means they run dead you might be needing a new battery if you are locked out and sometimes you might be needing an engineer to fix it if it’s not a locksmith