CEO Birthday Party Raises The Heart Beat Too Much

party ceo goes wrong

When CEO of local Australian business Tamara Winks had a heart attack aged 54 she was told to take some time off and recover, reduce stress and reflect on the priorities in life. All good advice. She spent 6 months out of work and was getting healthy and losing weight by taking long walks and gentle exercise when it became clear her absence from work was tking its toll on the numbers.

She couldn’t sit back and watch the business empire she had built over the last 20 years start to crumble and so decided to head back to work where her team were so thrilled to have her back that on the second day they threw her a birthday party.

You would think that common sense would prevail and that the party would be low key and not get too out of hand but thats not exactly what transpired as the girls from the office decided to throw her the kind of party that she would have thrown for any of her team in the previous years gone by.

The team went out for dinner and everything was fairly well contained until Andre at walked out from behind a curtain and performed his latest routine. The lights went lower and the volume of cheers and music were not the only things to go in the opposite direction. Tamara got so excited that her heart beat ran up so quickly she feinted and was complaining of a shortness of breath that resulted in the restaurant waiter honing the ambulance fearing she had another heart attack.

Thankfully she was ok and has made a full recovery but has since banned any heart racing entertainment in the office or on work nights out when she is present. She just cant trust the old ticker anymore.