It’s Time for Mommy Makeovers of the Heart

Mommy Makeover Specialist

This series of procedures allows women to get back to their pre-baby bodies with little recovery time. Many new mothers find that diet and exercise is difficult with the new babies, and find that they now have very little “me time.” This procedure is ideal for these women because you can remove the excess skin and fat from the abdominal area, fill in sagging breasts and contour the legs.  

They also offer specialized services as well as plastic surgery tailored towards men and women. These, among some of their other procedures offered and performed, have been featured in various media outlets from around the world including France, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Japan, and New Zealand among many others.   

The staff at Searchbutlers Healthcare are there to assist you with your every need. Once you walk through their doors you are treated like a celebrity. Their Medical Director sits down with you for a one on one in depth consultation in which he will explain the procedure, go over your medical history and address your concerns as well as the associated risks and expectations that come hand in hand with surgical procedures.   

Please call to set up a consultation with our Houston plastic surgeon so we can help you decide if plastic surgery might help you meet your goals.  You can reach them by using the contact information on their website .…

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GR4W Awarded Digital Charity of The Year

We are thrilled to announce that Go Red for Women Australia has been awarded the digitalized charity of the year award in Australia for our efforts on our previous website to promote the effects of heart disease in young women and in distributing digital content marketing efforts that have reached more young millennial women in both London, Melbourne and New York. SearchButlers digital marketing team in selected GR4W from a list of over 200 charities that embark on large content marketing initiatives across three continents and decided that our efforts in the tail end of 2018 in reaching over 40 million females with lifestyle tips and early warning educational information was of the level buffeting a winner of the digital charity of the year. We want to take the opportunity to thanks the guys at SearchButlers for our selection and are delighted with their choice, obviously!

We couldn’t be prouder and wanted to take this moment to highlight our gratitude t the men and women of our content team and researchers who have broken barriers both tangible and intangible to get our messages to ass many females as possible.

A job well done team. It will be hard to top this but we are another finalist for the 2019 digital charity and we await the results with baited breathe.…

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party ceo goes wrong

CEO Birthday Party Raises The Heart Beat Too Much

When CEO of local Australian business Tamara Winks had a heart attack aged 54 she was told to take some time off and recover, reduce stress and reflect on the priorities in life. All good advice. She spent 6 months out of work and was getting healthy and losing weight by taking long walks and gentle exercise when it became clear her absence from work was tking its toll on the numbers.

She couldn’t sit back and watch the business empire she had built over the last 20 years start to crumble and so decided to head back to work where her team were so thrilled to have her back that on the second day they threw her a birthday party.

You would think that common sense would prevail and that the party would be low key and not get too out of hand but thats not exactly what transpired as the girls from the office decided to throw her the kind of party that she would have thrown for any of her team in the previous years gone by.

The team went out for dinner and everything was fairly well contained until Andre at walked out from behind a curtain and performed his latest routine. The lights went lower and the volume of cheers and music were not the only things to go in the opposite direction. Tamara got so excited that her heart beat ran up so quickly she feinted and was complaining of a shortness of breath that resulted in the restaurant waiter honing the ambulance fearing she had another heart attack.

Thankfully she was ok and has made a full recovery but has since banned any heart racing entertainment in the office or on work nights out when she is present. She just cant trust the old ticker anymore. …

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Lower Cholesterol, Improve Your Heart

The vast majority don’t have to eliminate the cholesterol that is found in nourishments so you can at present appreciate eggs and shellfish.

It’s significantly more imperative to eliminate sustenances which contain immersed fats. That is on the grounds that immersed fats influence how the liver handles cholesterol. Along these lines, eating soaked fats can raise your blood cholesterol. Attempt to supplant immersed fats with unsaturated fats which are better for your heart.

For certain individuals – those with FH, the individuals who have elevated cholesterol, and the individuals who are at high danger of or have cardiovascular illness – the suggestion is to constrain cholesterol in sustenance to close to 300mg every day. On account of FH in a perfect world under 200 mg daily. Despite the fact that dietary cholesterol just smallly affects blood cholesterol, individuals with elevated cholesterol and FH as of now have large amounts of blood cholesterol, so it appears to be reasonable not to eat an excessive amount of cholesterol in sustenance.

Which nourishments are high in cholesterol?

Every single creature sustenance contain some cholesterol. In any case, by eliminating the creature nourishments that contain immersed fats you will keep the cholesterol in your eating regimen within proper limits as well.

Nourishments that contain cholesterol and are high in immersed fat.

Full fat dairy nourishments, for example, milk, cheddar, yogurt and cream.

Creature fats, for example, margarine, ghee, margarines and spreads produced using creature fats, fat, suet and dribbling.

Greasy meat and handled meat items, for example, wieners.

There are a few nourishments which are low in immersed fat however high in cholesterol. These incorporate eggs, some shellfish, liver, liver pate and offal. …

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How Oral Chelation Works

Oral chelation is similar to intravenous chelation — the “oral” form is taken through the mouth while the “intravenous” form is taken as a needle into the arm, dripping a substance that, in the oral, enters through the mouth.

The word “chelation” comes from the Greek root, “chele” which means the claw of a lobster or crab — thus “chelation” is a “grabbing” action. I have described in very accurate terms the sequential and preferential nature of a chelating substance.

Vibrant Life sells two different versions of “oral chelation.”  This page describes how both of them work — the mechanics and scientific basis for this unique formulation which reverses the symptoms of heart disease and stroke.

Life grow plus is the standard for oral chelation in the world.  This formula was introduced in 1999.  Prior to that, for more than 15 years, the product was called, simply, “Life Glow.”  The original formula (Life Glow) required you to take 10 rather large tablets per day.  The Life Glow Plus formula comes in capsules instead of tablets.  Life Glow Plus is so much better than the previous formula that we are willing to suggest that you should take 20 capsules per day during an initial cleansing period (at least 90 days) and that, if financial conditions require, you can then go on a maintenance level of 10 capsules per day.

When our Life Glow was the only choice of oral chelation, some people wanted a smaller sized tablet and we developed “Life Glow Easy” as the same exact ingredients, but where they were spread out into 30 tablets instead of the normal ten tablets per day for Life Glow.  We do not offer Life Glow Easy any longer.  The new capsules in Life Glow Plus are so easy to swallow, and the new formula would increase the “Life Glow Easy” to even more than 30 tablets per day — so this product will be removed from our next catalog. 

Some years ago Karl Loren had developed so much more research knowledge that he decided he was ready to create the ultimate vitamin formula.  Since about half of all deaths are directly related to heart disease, it was obvious that this new formula would include all the ingredients of Life Glow.  But, there was so much more, new research data about various ingredients which not only prevent heart disease but also combat cancer and improve health in other ways that he branded this new formula to be, simply, the “world’s best,” regardless of cost.  Even he was startled when the final cost for this product came back from the laboratory.  It requires that you take 30 capsules per day for the full dosage, although you can get great benefits taking less.   The 30 capsules contain the exact same ingredients as 10 tablets of Life Glow, but there are many more ingredients added — some of them extremely expensive.  This amazing vitamin formula is extremely expensive.  Karl had no idea whether or not anyone would ever buy it.  Amazingly, it is fast becoming one of our most popular products!

Super Life Glow will also be changed soon — to reflect the improvement in the “regular” oral chelation product.  The new Super Life Glow has not yet been designed or ordered.

To understand how this product works in your body you need to understand, first, two phrases:

If one of these electrons is “lost” through some simple process (such as heat or being hit with radiation, or in other ways) ONE of those electrons in the outer ring can be “pulled off,” or “lost.”  It would always be the outer ring from which an electron is lost. 

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